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Eveline Facemed+ Carbon Facewash 150ml



Unveiling Radiant Skin: Eveline Facemed+ Carbon Facewash

A we pride ourselves on introducing skincare solutions that redefine beauty routines. In our quest to elevate your skincare regimen, we present the Eveline FacemedCarbon Facewash — a powerhouse of ingredients crafted to unlock your skin’s radiance.

Activated Carbon Brilliance

Elevating the cleansing experience, our Eveline Facemed+ Carbon Facewash features activatedcarbon. This dynamic ingredient acts like a magnet, drawing out impurities, excess oil, and pollutants from your skin. Say goodbye to dullness!

 Nourishment with Aloe Vera

We understand the importance of balancing thorough cleansing with skin nourishment. Eveline Facemed+ is enriched with aloe vera, known for its soothing properties. Experience a fresh, revitalized feel after each use.

 The Power of Salicylic Acid

  • Targeting acne and blemishes, our facewash incorporates salicylic acid. This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) dives deep into pores, combating breakouts and promoting a clearer complexion.

Using Eveline Facemed+Carbon Facewash: Your Daily Ritual

Gentle Cleansing

Apply a small amount of the facewash to damp skin, massaging in circular motions. Let the activated carbon work its magic as it lifts away impurities.

 Soothing Aloe Vera

Enjoy the calming sensation of aloe vera. This step not only cleanses but also nourishes, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

 Combatting Blemishes

For those dealing with acne concerns, the inclusion of salicylic acid ensures a targeted approach to breakouts. Use daily for optimal results.


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